Assessment for Temporary Workers
For anyone seeking a temporary Work Authorization for Canada.
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1.Contact Person
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 I am a foreign individual seeking
 temporary entry into Canada:
  I am a representative of a
foreign business or employer:
  I am a representative of a
Canadian business or employer:
2.Work permit applicant
Information in dotted area is only required if different than in section 1
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  Age:*                                  Gender:*                    Country of Citizenship:*
  City and Country where you are currently residing:*
Paste your resume here or complete section 4 and 5
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Major:       Completed?       Yr of completion:

Major:       Completed?       Yr of completion:
5.Work Experience
You may skip this section if you pasted your detailed resume in section 4)
6.Official Languages
Please indicate your abilities in both the English and French languages, as follows:
FLUENT: Very good command of the language in a range of social and work situations, and no difficulty 
communicating in a professional capacity. 
WELL: Can communicate reasonably well about personal and familiar things. 
WITH DIFFICULTY: Command of just a few basic words.
  Reading Writing Speaking Listening
7.Canadian Employer
Identity of Canadian Business or Employer, or intended business activity
  Name of Canadian Business or Employer making the offer to the person identified in section 2 above:    
  City, Province:    
  Position Offered to Foreign Worker:    
  Duties of Position Being Offered: (please provide a synopsis of the expected duties for this position; if no offer exists from a Canadian business or employer, please detail the nature of your intended business visit)    
  Will the foreign individual be transferred from a foreign enterprise to a Canadian branch, affiliate, parent or subsidiary?   no      yes  
 8.Affiliated Company
Identity of Affiliated Foreign Business or Employer. (only for intra company transfers)
  Name of Affiliated
company outside of Canada::
  City Country:    
  Current Position:    
  Duties at this position:    
  Duration of Employment (In Months Only)    
9.Additional information

An automated response acknowledging receipt of your form will be emailed to you immediately. If you do not receive the acknowledgement, then the email address you have provided may be invalid and we will be unable to respond to your assessment request.
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